My Unforgettable Showdown with Wedding Bouncers In Lagos.

  Tomorrow, January 25, 2024, will mark a year since I was served my biggest humiliating experience. I had promised to take it to the grave, but after several panic attacks, I decided to share it here on this faceless forum, where at least my dignity and pride won't be tainted. Anything for my self-healing and self-forgiveness. Tomorrow, brethren would make it 365 days since a 23-year-old Di-Okpara Mmadu (firstborn son) was disgracefully bounced out of a wedding party by some Obalende-Floyd-Mayweather in the presence of over 689 people, excluding women and children. Tomorrow, people of God will mark one oscillation of the sun since I stopped worshiping at Winners Chapel Morroco Road branch, where the praise session always ends with this song, "Everything Nah Double Double." I decided to work the talk instead; double the hustle instead". Even though evidence of the "Doubled Hustle" might not really be glaring now, at least the eye-doubling hunger that mad

NEPA Bill Wahala!: Our Landlord's Approach To Tenants' Refusal To Pay Light Bills.

  On my list of victories and successes I had last year (2023), aside from being able to clinch a remote job with an Iranian company on LinkedIn, where I'm being paid 3 million Iranian rials monthly (67k in Nigerian NairĂ ), another big one was leaving the "Coast of Darkness" I lived in for almost two years.   A compound that has never experienced the blink of NEPA from October 2021, when I parked in there, until October 2023, when I parked out. Not just our compound, but actually the whole geographical region. The only region where I saw people freely leaning and hanging hands on naked electric wires while gisting and discussing. The only place on earth probably where kids were roughly playing around pole wires and NEPA transformers as if they were in an amusement park.   I feel tempted to mention the name of this place, but for the sake of my age-long idealogy that it is immature to wash the dirty linen of an ex after a breakup, I would keep the name of this place an

"10 Proven Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Self-Esteem."

Meta Description Self-esteem can fluctuate from time to time and from day to day. Sometimes, it is at the over-the-top state, where you almost begin to feel like nothing can bring your high spirits down. And then shortly, the reverse becomes the case—your mind becomes so preoccupied with negativity.   For instance, your confidence level might have soared high after coming across this great post on social media, but minutes later, it plummets. You might have this self-esteem variance several times in a day, even within an hour or two. Maintaining high self-esteem takes mental strength every single day. It can be tiring. According to research, the continuous attempt to maintain high levels of esteem could be disastrous to human health.  So instead of forcefully pursuing high self-esteem, better stay committed to improving your well-being by learning to improve self-esteem. One step at a time, and soon you will live with your desired esteem.   What Does Self-Esteem Mean? Before we talk ab

"Unforeseen Collision: My Encounter with a Lagos Street Vendor"

  Since I came packed into my new apartment in Ebutte-meta, I have had these "evangelists from hell," posing as neighbors, who the devil, in collaboration with my ever-plentiful in wickedness village people, commissioned with 70-cm shovels to uproot the fibers of my destiny.   I can't really give a detailed account of how myself and these guys rose to the point of being "paddies," but one thing I can still very much recall is the event that joined me in unholy matrimony with these guys. One of them had knocked at my door one hot Sunday afternoon to ask that I borrow him my water fetcher (Guga, as Hausas call it), and innocently, without hesitation, I did. As far as my 1860-degree voltage brain can recall, I guess this is the only sin I committed: lending that guy my property and, most importantly, forgetting that "Nah from clap dem take dey enter dance."   And it was the lending of this fetcher that led to "Boss how far" and "Chairma

30 Inspirational Quotes That Will Revitalize Your Spirit for a Brighter Day!

  Positive quotes have the unfathomable ability to build up broken spirits and shattered mental health. The succinct phrases can help augment your productivity levels, help you approach life with a more optimistic mindset, and turn a dim day into a much brighter one. It is said that most times, what we need to feel better about is a little motivation from someone who has overcome the state we are currently battling. Nevertheless, if these quotes fail to uplift and motivate your spirit, then maybe you should take it easy on yourself. Don't fret. Sometimes, it's better to linger in that gloomy mood than attempt to force toxic positivity. In this blog article, we carefully selected 30 of the best out of these positive quotes, which we trust will inspire and brighten you up. Please do well to share these good vibes with loved ones via text, social media posts, or when you meet them physically. 1.  Believe you can, and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt 2. &quo