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"10 Proven Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Self-Esteem."

Meta Description Self-esteem can fluctuate from time to time and from day to day. Sometimes, it is at the over-the-top state, where you almost begin to feel like nothing can bring your high spirits down. And then shortly, the reverse becomes the case—your mind becomes so preoccupied with negativity.   For instance, your confidence level might have soared high after coming across this great post on social media, but minutes later, it plummets. You might have this self-esteem variance several times in a day, even within an hour or two. Maintaining high self-esteem takes mental strength every single day. It can be tiring. According to research, the continuous attempt to maintain high levels of esteem could be disastrous to human health.  So instead of forcefully pursuing high self-esteem, better stay committed to improving your well-being by learning to improve self-esteem. One step at a time, and soon you will live with your desired esteem.   What Does Self-Esteem Mean? Before we talk ab