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5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Would Have Been Bus Conductors If Not For Fame

Ever heard of the word "grace"? That should be the middle name of some Nigerian celebrities, particularly the ones on this article’s list. Ever heard of the phrase Life has no balance"? That is what comes to mind when I remember that these particular celebrities escaped trenches and poverty to become global sensations today when more sensible and mentally qualified people are struggling for three-square meals. The one and only song that can explain these guys' rise to stardom is Mr. 2Kay’s "God can bless anyone ". By their facial looks, dressing, behavior, and speech code, anyone who knew them while they were growing up would have guessed that they would end up being vulcanizers, vehicle mechanics, bus conductors, bouncers, or street agberos. Even people who wish them so well might have only just prayed they replace MC Oluomo as NURTW Chairman or become thugs to well-influential politicians. However, they turned out to be well-known personalities both in N