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Diary Of An Average Nigerian Undergraduate (Part 2)

  EPISODE 2 With rage, I rushed down to her store, which was like 6 kilometers away from where I met the madman. As I walked hurriedly, all I kept mustering angrily was, "I knew this was all she wanted! I just knew. It's not like she really knows what or how Bowen operates or that she and her husband are ready to foot the bill. She just wants to brag. Shikenah! She only wants to broadcast. Mtchweew. When I finally reached my mom’s shop, I met another sight that left me dumbfounded and angrier. Scene 3 My mom: (Shouting and Jamming one hand to the other): In what  aspect of life do you even measure up to me, foolish woman? Beauty? Money? Achievement? Family? Children? And erhh! That even reminds me. JSYK: My first son, Ebuka, just got admission into Bowen University, a feat no one in this whole community has ever attained. Other Market Woman : (Murmuring and mustering amongst themselves) My mom: (Continues) Mummy Bayo, tell us the spectacular feat your own son has achieve

Diary Of An Average Nigerian Undergraduate (Part 1)

Let Me Introduce Myself  My name is Chukwu Ebuka, and I am studying chemical engineering at one of Nigeria's most prestigious Universities. And of course, you know what would come with being in a "Prestigious" institution: costs, money, and expenses. And bruh. It hasn’t been funny at all! It's been a struggle. A real damn struggle. Coming from an average Nigerian home where I got just what I wanted No addition! No subtraction. Where a little enjoyment was seen as a waste of resources and where I lived a normal life, I should have opted for a more suitable school. When I say suitable, I mean cheaper. Not this one that is sucking up the whole being in me and messing with my mental health. Bills here, bills there, bills up, bills down—just bills everywhere. Applying to this institution at first was a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have. I knew this school was beyond me. My parents knew it was going to be tough financially. And I have, at some point, pleaded with them to rethi