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Mental Health Meme: My Encounter With An Unprofessional Psycho-Therapist

  For the past six months, I have been keeping all my sh*t, challenges, and struggles to myself, handling the ones I can, and praying that God handles the rest. Severally, I want to share a few of these difficulties with someone who would at least listen—not even give advice or counsel, but at least LISTEN. But then the fear of having my issue discussed in Bukola’s hair saloon, presented to the panel of Judges at Aminu Maishayi’s buka, or used as the fifth prayer point at Nkasiobi’s women’s house fellowship has kept me cautioned and mute. But then I needed an honest person with whom I could speak, and God was so kind that I got an opportunity to do so last week. So I came across this sponsored Facebook post from a particular page that claimed to be a ‘Mental Therapy Organization in Lagos, Nigeria. According to what I saw on their page, they said they were a mental health group that was dedicated to helping young people between the ages of 18 and 40 who were dealing with depressing sit