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My Scary Encounter With A Crazy Lagos Bus Conductor

  Seriously, I still can’t tell whether it was plain stupidity or whether I really got overconfident, especially after gulping and using this "anointing oil" to cook and bathe for the past six days, just as recommended by the guest prophet my church brought from Maiduguri to minister in our recent Youth Convention. It might also be a ploy and spell by my unforgiving village people to get back at me after I had refused to send the so-called monthly contribution for community development for the past six months. Until this very moment of this post, I’m still feverishly asking myself whether it was 1X Bet that sponsored the audacity that made me want to play this gamble with an active member of Lagos's most dreaded people: bus conductors. Not just any gamble, even, but an entirely senseless, irrational, and impossible gamble. A gamble no one in Lagos has ever won Imagine placing an odd of over 4.5, over 3.5, over 1.5, or even a straight win on a finished team like Chelsea