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How My First Date Went From Awkward To A 100% Hilarious Adventure In 2 Seconds

  About six months ago, I got involved with this very pretty, light-skinned, drop-dead gorgeous Shawty (as Black Americans would say) I had connected with online. It was from a certain semi-mockery/break-shaming Facebook post from a popular influencer who asked ladies, "Whether they could date or marry a struggling man with great prospects, visions, and ambition, of course, flooded around the comment section were the usual annoying comments from Hungry and entitled Nigerian leeches, even dandruff-looking faces from Ezamgbo LGA of Ebonyi State, all screaming No! Nah! Never." It is better to cry in a Lemoisine than in a stuffy, self-contained hut. It is better to be depressed in Alaska than suffer in Ayaka-Ozubulu, Anambra. I can't suffer in my father's house and continue in my husband's house; that's like migrating from MTN Pulse to MTN Beta-Talk. Men will stain your white; may Edochie be a living testimony." In that same wolfy and soul-wrenching comment