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BBNaija All-Stars: 5 Most Beautiful BBNaija Housemates Of All Times

  In the words of a certain wise Calabar drunkard, "One unfair irony of life is how an extremely attractive person would have 50% of his problem solved just for the sake of a fine face, while a less attractive person would have his or hers multiplied by 100 because of the same face too". Quite hilarious, but unfortunately true. As someone who has witnessed how jungle justice was served on both an attractive person and a less attractive person who committed the same degree of crime, I can categorically say that being beautiful or handsome pays a great deal. Organizers of the Big Brother Naija show understand this, and that’s why they allocate about 90% of their yearly slots to physically attractive people, 7% to average-looking people, and the remaining person to dandruff-looking faces (no offense intended). And even though having a glamorous structure isn’t a sure ticket to winning the show (most past winners were even average-looking), it sure does a lot for a housemate ou

BBNaija All-Stars: Five Times BBNaija Female Housemates Lied

  Asides from being up to 21 years old, having fluent communication in English, and having the Naija Ashawo/Fuck-boy vibe, I guess one other very mandatory requirement one must have before getting admitted into the Big Brother Naija institution is being a chronic liar, a pretentious liar, and having the ability to create controversial lies. Without this essential skill, an applicant might hardly be picked, and even if mistakenly selected, would definitely not last in the show. To appeal to the show organizers, I guess one would definitely have to give a very fake impression about himself or herself, and after getting selected, also pick a false strategy: You either lie about coming from a wretched background, lie about having a psychological problem, lie about having an illusional experience, lie about having feelings for a total stranger you just met in a TV show, and most prominently, lie about your age, to appeal to the audience. The Big Brother Naija show has been that way, and m