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How Many Kids Does Davido Have? (Updated 2023 List)

  As sponsored by the Diggers Association of Nigeria (DON), one of the stories that made headlines in October 2023 online was a viral photo of Superstar Nigerian Musician Davido and his fiancĂ©e, Chioma, on a hospital delivery bed peacefully smiling with their newborns. While several Netizens were pouring in their congratulations and others were questioning whether the viral photo was not a manipulated work of an Ojota pencil artist, Singer Davido, in a ploy to keep the birth of his newborns, a mystery had tried playing the reverse psychology trick by cautioning internet users to stop circulating, in his words " old pictures ". And actually, at release, that OBO's tweet has had internet serial gossipers in a chokehold and in a mental infringement state known as "Glycolysis (the more you see, the less you know) until ex-music producer-now-turned-event-announcer Sam Klef shared video footage of the artiste and his wife, Chioma, in a London hospital. Well, even with S

Men Of The Moment: Top 5 Bald and Unfaithful Nigerian Male Celebrities

This article looks at the top 5 bald-headed male Nigerian celebrities who have placed Nigeria and Africa on The global infidelity map. Introduction Back in secondary school, my favorite teacher, Mr. Akande, a fair-skinned man with six tribal marks from Akure who taught us Basic science, used to say that when an event happens once, it is called an incident; when it happens twice, it is then an occurrence; but when it happens three times, it is a natural phenomenon. In the case of Nigerian Bald-headed men and infidelity, I think it should be a supernatural phenomenon at this point because mere mortals with natural eyes can definitely not understand. Once it’s a cheating, extramarital affair, or sleeping-around case, a bald Nigerian man will always be in the middle of it. 90% of the time, when the case of a pregnant Keyan, American, or Ugandan side chick comes up, a Nigerian bald man will be mentioned at the side. It is almost now compulsory that whenever anything "Alleged"