10 Proven Tips For Building Self-Confidence That Lasts

 Almost everyone you pass by on the street wants to feel a little more confident. That feeling of absolute belief in your capabilities, traits, and judgment.

Are you one of those? This blog post was written for you.

What Is Confidence

As defined by the American Psychological Association, Self-Confidence has termed “one’s sense of trust is his or her ability to successfully tackle the demands of a task”.

It can be also termed an overall belief in yourself to drive the trajectory of your life. Let’s take it back home, and be a bit situation-specific. For instance, your self-confidence can be quite high in a particular field of mastery, but below average in other fields. Research, however, connotes that self-confidence is super essential to one’s livelihood and psychological balance.

But developing and consistently maintaining confidence isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a slippery path you’re most likely to fall off after a mistake or failure. That’s the reason why continuous striving to build self-confidence habits is super essential.  As crazy as it sounds, self-belief is a must in this journey.

As Paraphrased from the Golden words of Hannah Owens” The distrust that tags along with double thoughts have both intrinsic and extrinsic consequences ”Confidence doesn’t only have a bearing on you, and your feelings about yourself, but also sends a signal to others about your trustworthiness and capabilities, which could impact your work and social lives.

One very great merit of Maintaining healthy self-confidence is how it could help you attain more successful heights in your personal and work life. Research discoveries, for instance, have shown that more confident people are most likely to stand out in the academic field. The more confident you are, the better you can present yourself to others.

 10 Proven Tips For Building Self-Confidence That Lasts

The good news is, there are daily habits you can begin practicing from today, that would guarantee a more Confident “YOU” in the shortest of time.  Do you feel less-sufficient and efficient in a certain field of life? Are you struggling with being confident at just anything?  Practicing these ten habits daily will help in fixing that patch. 

1.       Stop Comparison

        Do you sometimes compare yourself to famous, trendy, and expensive-looking people on Instagram? Or sometimes compare your earnings to those of your pals. You need to stop.   According to the Social Comparison Theory, the act of comparison is a natural phenomenon, but will might most likely not help your self-confidence. 

            Again, according to a 2018 publication in Individual and Personality Difference, it is discovered that there is a link between envy and our self-perception of ourselves.  It is specifically noted that when people compare themselves to others, there is a high tendency for them may become envious. And the more envious they are, the more it tells on their self-confidence.

         How do you keep your self-confidence in check, once you notice those comparison symptoms?  First, re-echo to your inner self that comparison is a thief of joy. Everyone is in his or her own relay race, and destinies aren’t the same. In essence, there is no competition in life and destiny.

       Once you start feeling envious of other people’s lives, it is important to recall and re-iterate your strengths and accomplishments. I would advise you to keep a Gratitude Journal where you should begin noting down those areas in life that you’re grateful for. They’ll help you get back on your feet during those less-confident moments, and also help leave the spotlight on “You” and no one else.

    Discard Negative People Out Of Your Life

Oh! Now let’s talk about the people you surround yourself with. How do they make you feel? Do they make you feel better, or make you feel less? Are they constantly being judgmental of you, or do they believe you are “awesome” just the way you are? The impact of your circle on how you think, perceive, and view yourself, cannot be overemphasized. So be cautious of how they treat you. If you constantly feel bad about yourself after every hangout with a particular person or group, then you might want to discard them

Find your clique of people who genuinely love, appreciate, and have your interest at heart. Become friends with people who are positivity-inclined, and can help boost your self-confidence. Positivity and self-confidence are inseparable twins.


3.       Practice Self-Care

     This self-confidence tip is anchored on the theory that it is nearly impossible to feel good about yourself when you treat your body with utter contempt. While practicing self-care, you have at the back of your mind that impression that you are caring for your mind, body, and spirit-----your self-confidence flows automatically as a result.

      The following are self-care practices you should practice to attain high levels of self-confidence.

Healthy Eating Practice: One of the enormous benefits of eating healthily includes a boost of confidence and esteem. Notice that after you have fueled your body with sufficient nutrients, you begin to feel healthier, more energetic, and more powerful, which in turn impacts your confidence.

Exercise: Over the years, researchers have steadily noted that bodily exercise improves confidence levels. For example, according to research done in 2016, it was discovered that consistent physical exercises augmented partakers’ body features. And when their body feature augmented, their confidence followed suit.

Meditation: This practice goes beyond the average “relaxation practice”, it helps in building your self-confidence in diverse ways. Firstly, it helps you come to terms with and appreciate yourself. Again, it tutors you on how to end the issue of Negative self-talk and helps you discard all forms of soul-draining psychological chatters playing pawns on your confidence.

Sleeping: Not having enough sleep can cause an impediment to your emotions. In contrast, enjoying sufficient sleeping hours plays a part in attaining high levels of confidence, optimism, and esteem.

4.       Practice Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is an act of intentionally deciding to pamper yourself during challenging times. It gives a sense of emotional flexibility, and assists you better soaring above negativity, improves the relationship with yourself and with others.


According to findings from a 2015 study, it is noted that self-compassion goes deeply hand-in-hand with self-confidence.  So Learn this! The next time you find yourself in an unpleasant condition, remember that imperfection is inert in human nature.  No human is a hundred. Try as much as lies within you to gently navigate through that phase with self-compassion.


5.       Swap The Negative Self-Talks For Positive Ones

Negative self-talk is so bad that it could limit your potential and take a toll on your self-confidence. In no time, it begins to affect your subconscious mind, telling you “You are unable” to handle a task, or that it is “too difficult” and “You shouldn’t even attempt”. A positive self-talk, on the contrary, can build self-compassion, and assist you in tackling doubts, and trying out new things.


When next you begin to think that you are “too inferior” to make a contribution in a meeting, or that you are too shapeless to begin gym sessions, tell yourself that those assertions are false. Upturn those negative thoughts and talk into positive ones, instead.


Make statements like

-          “This is possible”. I   can do it.

-          I might not have performed incredibly on this task today, but there is always room for Improvement. I’m optimistic that I will do better next time. 


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      Confront Your Fears

Stop shying away from things until you achieve your presumed confidence. Ask that your crush is on a date, apply for that promotion, and try out that fantasy. One of the most efficient ways of building confidence is confronting those things you have always been scared of, and tackling them head-on.


Begin to confront those fears that shoot from a place of low confidence. Are you scared you’re gonna be embarrassed, or that you might flop. Try anyways. View this first leap as an experiment, and assure yourself that whatever the outcome might be, you’ll be fine.

You’ll either win or learn. There are no losses in trials.


7.       Begin to Explore Your Strengths

What’s the merit of exploring those things you’re extremely good at? Your confidence experiences a surge. You become better at those things, and this, in turn, impacts your perception of yourself. Doing things you are good at also comes with this reward: Living a satisfactory life.

A research study notes that self-trust in your ability to do better at your strengths, is relatively associated with high levels of satisfactory living.

 First, you’ll have to identify your strengths, and then work towards developing them with consistent practice.


If you identify a particular sport (football, volleyball, basketball)  to be something you’re good at,  for example, carve out time out of your schedule to commit to training, at least twice a week.  What about those things people mostly applaud you for? You should start doing them more often.


8.       Learn To Say No

While exploring your strengths is essential, it is also very necessary that you learn about those little, but not-so-little things that dwindle your confidence bank. Maybe, you have noticed that each time you engage in a certain activity, your soul gets drained. You should start saying NO to those. 

Oh yes, you won’t and can’t avoid every uncomfortable situation, because, of course, discomfort is a part and parcel of the human growth process. But all the same, you should set boundaries, and stick to them.
With social and emotional boundaries, you feel safer, in charge, and in absolute control of your life. So, the next someone stems up a proposition, which you know would diminish your confidence, respectfully turn it down. Say No.


9.    Set Realistic Goals

In the pursuit of life goals, it is quite very imminent that you might fail a couple of times, before discovering a strategy that works. Most times, self-doubt sets in which makes you begin to question whether you’re equipped enough for success. This could also take a toll on your confidence. How can an issue of this kind be solved? Setting realistic goals.

When you set too-far-reach goals and fail to attain them in your stipulated duration, chances are that confidence might suffer a fatal blow. But you save yourself those emotional traumas when you set those realistic ones that can be achieved.


I’m guessing you’re probably asking what these realistic goals, are and how to set them. Okay, here’s how.

First, note down those heights you wish to attain. Next, do an inner truthful inquiry; ask yourself what your chances of reaching those heights are ( Once again, a truthful inner inquiry, please).  Are those goals really attainable especially within the timeframe you have in mind? Aren’t they too lofty? If they are, you should consider trimming them down.

 Please, Bear in mind that slim-fitting those goals is not undermining your potential or settling for less, but a ploy to preserve your mental health, your self-confidence, and your esteem. Once you start smashing those little goals, you become more energized for bigger ones.


1    Believe In Your Cause

A common tendency amongst confident people is self-belief and trust, even when they are not a hundred percent sure. If you yearn to be confident, then you must start being positive and begin to believe more in yourself. For instance, if you believe there should be some kind of alterations and change in your workplace, voice it out with utter confidence. People will most likely believe and align with what you say when you say them without wavering.


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