BBNaija All-Stars: 5 Most Beautiful BBNaija Housemates Of All Times

 In the words of a certain wise Calabar drunkard, "One unfair irony of life is how an extremely attractive person would have 50% of his problem solved just for the sake of a fine face, while a less attractive person would have his or hers multiplied by 100 because of the same face too". Quite hilarious, but unfortunately true. As someone who has witnessed how jungle justice was served on both an attractive person and a less attractive person who committed the same degree of crime, I can categorically say that being beautiful or handsome pays a great deal.

Organizers of the Big Brother Naija show understand this, and that’s why they allocate about 90% of their yearly slots to physically attractive people, 7% to average-looking people, and the remaining person to dandruff-looking faces (no offense intended). And even though having a glamorous structure isn’t a sure ticket to winning the show (most past winners were even average-looking), it sure does a lot for a housemate outside the show, especially with brands and endorsements.

However, in this article, we aren’t just talking beauty, but extraordinary, superb magnificence that can compete with that of Young Agbani Darego and Bianca Ojukwu, beauties that mercifully decided to grace our TV screens, and absolute glamours that have made over 78% of Nigerian Urhobo men regret rushing into marriage.

In this non-sentimental article, we prepared a compilation of the five most glamorous female Big Brother Naija housemates that made us scream "God dey create o" from all seasons of the show.

Disclaimer: This authentic compilation was accurately curated using the world’s most foremost beauty measurement scale, PFFC—Physique, Facials, Fashion Sense, and Carriage/Class. Disgruntled persons who are unsatisfied with the descending arrangement of the list are free to table their grievances and appeals before any Nigerian court of incompetent jurisdiction.

If you’re ready, just like I am, let's count down the list of the most beautiful Big Brother Naija housemates of all time.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Housemates Of All Times

  1. Venita

Fifth on our list is Nollywood actress, model, brand ambassador, original Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate, and returned All-Stars housemate, Venita Akpofure. Despite being 32 (past her prime) and a mother of two, as at the time of the first "Pepper Dem" season, Venita stood glamourously up high in the midst of salacious hot female housemates and even caught the attention of younger fellow male housemates like the "booless" Omashola and the taken-for-granted Frodd.

Four years later, and at 36, Venita’s crazy elegance is still a Mumu button holder and has kidnapped more than three-quarters of Adekunle’s heart.

PFFC Rating

In terms of physique (height, flat tummy, overall body structure), the stunning Delta-born actress is definitely a 10/10, facially a 9/10, has a top-notch fashion sense of an 8/10, but unfortunately has low carriage of herself. Venita’s lousiness and the local way she picks up fights with partners or girlfriends (her potential sisters-in-law) of her cousin, Neo, are just so inversely proportional to her British accent.

Overall PFFC Rating: 7.2/10

  1. Cee-C

Fourth on the list is Enugu-born lawyer, model, actress, BBN Double Wahala runner-up, and authentic premium Gbas-Gbos crooner, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C. Although height-disadvantaged, the alluring 30-year-old is still one of the most impressive pieces of God’s creations and has such a banging body and gorgeous pointed forehead that it effortlessly captured the soul of a hardened titled man, Mazi Whitemoney.

Another admirable Cee-C trait that further beautifies her is her strong-willed, alpha-female, and extra-confident nature, which has surely won her the hearts of several ill-mannered fans as well.

PFFC Ratings

Cynthia Nwadiora might not have an entirely excellent physique, especially in terms of stature, but her 10/10 facials compensate for that. Talking about fashionability, I’m sure even famous Nigerian stylist Toyin Lawani would give her at least a 9/10, and trust me, unless Cynthia was born in one of the slumpy villages of Edo, that name always comes with 10/10 classiness.

Overall PFFC Rating: 7.5

  1. Erica Nlewedim

Next on our list is Abia-born actress, model, ex-beauty queen, and disqualified housemate of the Big Brother Naija season 5 lockdown season, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim. It is noteworthy to recall that what led to the gorgeous’ Erica’s disqualification somewhat revolved around her glamorous, radiant beauty and stunning make-up.

During the course of the 2O20 lockdown season, the beauty queen stirred attention amongst several male housemates, chief amongst whom were billionaire Heir, Kiddwaya, and the boy with the ring-light dress, Laycon, who were undyingly on top of her case. Being the typical Nigerian lady who would never pick Agbalumo over Honey, Erica, of course, decided Kiddwaya as her boyfriend and pushed our philosophical Laycon into the friend zone, a zone the "Awa fierce crooner" didn’t think was befitting for an honorable, intelligent rapper and an extremely caring male like himself.

But after so many abortive tries of wanting to make Erica see why she was making the grievous mistake of choosing Kiddwaya over him, Laycon went ahead to castigate her before other housemates and made certain false statements about his involvement with Erica, which she later learned of.

This, of course, caused tension between the two, which later grew into an intense rift that saw Erica disqualified from the Big Brother house. Even though many see the whole Laycon-Erica thing as a pity strategy that later panned out well for Laycon, trust me, Laycon really did want Erica for himself, for real. Who wouldn’t want such a radiant, glamorous, fair-complexioned, succulent angel? Not even Adams Oshiomole!

PFFC Ratings

In terms of physique, Erica might unfortunately be a 5/10 (the height disadvantage), but her facials are most definitely a 10. Her weird fashion sense, to be honest, honorably deserves a fair 6, but talking of class, Erica is an awesome 10.

Overall Rating: 8.0

  1. Diane

On the second spot is queenly seated the Arewa beauty goddess, actress, model, and season 4 housemate, Diane Russet. Diane is no doubt an ideal spec for men who love them slim, slender, portable, and pocketable. Sorry, you can’t actually pocket the heavily-mouthed Diane, please. You can consult Elozonam for more clarification.

Diane’s incredible figure 8, soothing voice, succulent lips, and elegant stature are sure to turn the average African man’s heart crazy and definitely run him a check for thirty sleepless nights.

PFFC Ratings

The Kaduna-born has an excellent 10/10 physique, a 9/10 facial, a top-notch 8/10 fashion sense, and an excellent 10/10 class.

Overall Ratings: 8.7/10

  1. Kim Oprah

The number one on this list is none other than, as I’m sure you must have guessed, the authentic ebony beauty and the inarguably most beautiful lady to have graced the Big Brother Naija show, Kim Oprah. We don’t mean to hype, but you see, Kim is definitely on the list of the top ten most gorgeous women to have walked the surface of this planet. Show us your top ten if you don’t agree.

Unfortunately, because of her early eviction from her original "Pepper Dem" season, we didn’t get to see enough of this beauty and the many Wahalas she would have caused amongst her male season 5 housemates. But even as an early evictee, Kim Oprah's glamour still opened several endorsement doors and made her achieve even more than several finalists and winners.

Well, the magnificent Kim Oprah has been returned to the ongoing All-Stars season, and we hope to see how this goddess causes exchanges of punches between Cross and Pere.

PFFC Ratings

In terms of physique, Kim Oprah definitely bags a solid 11/10, and for facials, a glamorous 10/10. Kim’s fashion sense should at least earn a 9/10, but unfortunately, because of her recent jump from man to man, i.e., from Pere to Cross and even to Married Omashola, we at A Real Problem Kid lowered her class score to a 6.

Overall Ratings: 9.5/10 





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