Who Is Winning BBNaija All-Stars? (Early Predictions)

 One edge the Big Brother Naija All-Stars season has had over all previous BBNaija seasons is its unpredictability and how tough it is to guess who will win at the end of the day. We are in the second week and have yet to see the regular soothsayers predicting who will win. Viewers themselves are even confused about who to pitch their tenths to. Many have yet to select a favorite. Of course, that’s practically what's expected from an All-Stars show, where your favorites from previous seasons reunite in one house again. Wahala. Tough one.

Unlike other seasons that were like an Ugezu H. Ugezu African Magic-directed movie, which could be predicted from just the soundtrack, from the very look of things, this one could be the Hollywood-type that would sure keep even the smartest prescient unsure until the last week of the show.

Well, even though we cannot accurately predict a winner based on the events of the first week, we may attempt to guess the five top dogs that have a huge possibility of clinching the 120 Million grand prize at stake. And unless a very dramatic turn-around happens before week 4, one of these housemates should be the winner of the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars season.

Please note that this is an INEC-based computation and might still be inaccurate at the end of the day, pending the invariably poor performance of the housemates as the show proceeds. All aggrieved persons who do not concur with the list are hereby urged to seek redress in Court.

Let's go.


  1. Alex

Fifth on our list is Enugu-born model, actress, TV Personality, 2018 Big Brother Naija finalist, and Cee-c’s eternal enemy, Alexendra Sandra Amuche Asogwa, popularly known as Alex. Just in the first week of the SHOW, Alex has featured in at least five of the season’s major highlights, the most prominent of which is the episode 1 and 2 fight with chief rival Cee-C.

The first episode altercation between the duo, which sparked enormous reactions on social media, was over a wager task assigned to the housemates by Big Brother on July 26, 2023. Before that day, Big Brother had given a movie shoot task to the housemates, and in preparation for this task, the housemates picked Alex to head the job. The brawl between the 2018 season co-wives was a result of Ceec's nonchalance to the task, as accused by Alex, an act that aggravated her anger.

Ceec, on her own part, had accused Alex of not providing sufficient materials for the assigned task. This scuffle got heated and got to the point of name-calling, with names like Ewu Gambia (A Gambian female goat), classless Pussy, crazy, and manipulative heard flying all around the place. Episode 2 of the fight took place a day later.

At the moment, Alex’s odds of winning the show are at 27%, but of course, they might increase if she keeps on putting the so-called "bitter" Ceec in her place.

  1. Cee-C

Next on the list is Enugu-born lawyer, actress, and model, 2018 BBNaija runner-up, and Alex Unusual’s Antonym, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C, who was very much anticipated on the show.

The streets of Twitter were literally on fire when she was unveiled as the first housemate of the All-Stars season. At that moment, everyone knew that Vawulence was about to go down. Of course, why else would viewers want the World’s most bitter woman back if not to dish out her usual meal?

With the recent clash with rival Alex, Cynthia Cee-C’s winning chances stand at 29% and will undoubtedly increase as she continues doing what she does best.

  1. White Money

Who said Winners couldn’t win again? Big Cap! Otamiemie prepares to clear your doubts. While speaking with a fellow strategist and senior colleague in the Big Brother Naija winners Industry, Mercy Eke, Whitemoney revealed that he has shifted his goal post from just promoting his brand and craft (music), which was his initial intention of returning to the show, to win the show. He said this in reaction to all the gossip and gang-ups by housemates who were unhappy that winners were brought back to the show. White Money stated that he was fully ready to play the game with all the naysayers.

Well, with his previous cooking strategy already uncovered and barricaded by Uriel, Cross, and Frodd, White Money still seems to be squabbling for another strategy and is completely lost and confused in the house. But if, of course, 50% of the fans that followed his victory previously can support him again, he has a 15% chance of winning. To boost his chances, Mazi should do the needful: get a strategy.

  1. Mercy Eke

On the second spot is the Ukwu Benzful winner of the 2019 edition of Big Brother Naija, Mercy Eke, also referred to as Queen Lambo. While speaking to the show’s host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, on the opening day of the show, the ‘Self-Acclaimed Queen of Highlights" had promised to serve viewers her usual contents and highlights (as she calls them), but up Until the moment of this post, there has been NO SHOW from the Mercenaries Queen.

The only thing close to being a highlight is the washing of her ex-boyfriend’s dirty linen on National TV. Over the weekend, Mercy made a very shaming confession about the nastiness of her ex-love interest, Ike’s personal hygiene. Mercy revealed that she chased the American former gangster from her house because he never wiped his bum and never flushed the toilet after excreting. Aside from this cold-blooded Vawulentic statement she spilled on Saturday, all Mercy has been doing is being a mediator between the season’s tussler, Venita, and Ilebaye.

With her loyal, huge fanbase behind her, Mercy stands an 18% chance of clinching the 120 million cash prize again. But to stand a greater chance of winning, Cee-C, Alex, or both must be disqualified.

  1. Ilebaye

The Number one on my list is none other than the very underdog and probably the most underrated housemate of the Big Brother Naija All-Star show, Illebaye. Anyone who drafted this girl’s current game plan needs to replace all the Senators in Nigeria’s Committee on National Planning. Any human that wrote this girl’s current script needs to replace all of Toyin Abraham's scriptwriters. How she went from being someone everyone predicted would be a second-week evictee to being a candidate for the final is the real definition of "a twist of fate".

From what we at A Real Problem Kid have observed, iLebaye returned to the house this time with a strategy known as PGA, which means P = Provoke Housemates. G = get bullied; A=Attract sympathy.

Although manipulative, this strategy seems to have taken a very sensitive spot in the hearts of viewers and garnered quite several fans that would definitely see her through several weeks in the house. Currently, the Kogi-born actress stands an 11% chance of winning the BBNaija, but she has a very great potential to grow more sympathetic supporters the more provocative she gets.

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