5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Would Have Been Bus Conductors If Not For Fame

Ever heard of the word "grace"? That should be the middle name of some Nigerian celebrities, particularly the ones on this article’s list. Ever heard of the phrase Life has no balance"? That is what comes to mind when I remember that these particular celebrities escaped trenches and poverty to become global sensations today when more sensible and mentally qualified people are struggling for three-square meals. The one and only song that can explain these guys' rise to stardom is Mr. 2Kay’s "God can bless anyone".

By their facial looks, dressing, behavior, and speech code, anyone who knew them while they were growing up would have guessed that they would end up being vulcanizers, vehicle mechanics, bus conductors, bouncers, or street agberos. Even people who wish them so well might have only just prayed they replace MC Oluomo as NURTW Chairman or become thugs to well-influential politicians. However, they turned out to be well-known personalities both in Nigeria and around the world, but of course, you may successfully lead a horse to a river but definitely not force it to drink water. These celebrities, despite being so successful, still have this flare for agberoism, and sometimes they probably still wish they were in motor parks dragging passengers with fellow bus conductors.

In no particular order, these five Nigerian celebrities are:


  1. Naira Marley.

The NO-BELT-GANG (NBG) boss would have probably been one of these loud-mouthed, but strengthless, annoying Lagos bus conductors, who will waste no time heaping huge insults on any passenger that gets into the bus without the appropriate amount (without change). And of course, his loud-mouthedness would have been honored with corresponding insults, slaps, and a few punches. However, Marley luckily had the advantage of studying abroad, after which he returned to Nigeria and attempted music. Luckily, he also gained prominence in music after the release of the hit single with Olamide titled "Issa Goal." In 2019, he literally owned the music airwaves after the success of his solo mega-hit, Soapy, which received widespread acceptance by worldwide chronic masturbators and aspiring masturbators alike. Some of his other popular songs include Tesumole, Chichi, and Am I a Yahoo Boy, ft. Zlatan.

But with Naira’s recent career retrenchment and dwindling, I guess the destiny he has been delaying will certainly not be denied. Well, except he holds on to his Signee, Zinoleesky, or signs in more talented artists to his label. If he doesn’t, I doubt the motor parks won’t be calling a few years from now.


  1. Bolanle Ninalowo

If not for fame, I’m pretty sure Bolanle would have worked as a bus conductor in the morning, a nightclub bouncer at night, and a thief at midnight. As a bus conductor, Bolanle would have been the slow-to-speak, slow-to-react, but dangerous-in-anger type of conductor. His kind of person would probably allow an annoying passenger to introduce, experiment with, and discuss his rants and insults properly before he concluded with a few punches in the mouth of that fellow. And of course, his punches would definitely lead his victim to either an advanced pharmacy kiosk or an unfurnished hospital.

Bolanle Ninalowo rose to prominence in 2010 after featuring in a TV movie series tagged "Rebirth". 

Since his emergence into the Nollywood industry, he has featured in over 100 movies, 97% of which he played befitting roles like those of a tout, a drunkard, a troublesome womanizer, and a thief. Kudos Nollywood. Thank you for giving him roles that rejuvenate memories of what he would have become if not for fame. Of course, the way he interprets those Agbero roles would tell you that he was certainly meant for this.

  1. Patoranking

If not for fame, Patoranking would have considered himself lucky to even attain the great office of bus conductor. I mean, that is a far more lucrative job than selling rat poisons and insecticides at traffic lights. In this harsh Nigerian economy, how many people still feed themselves three times a day? Talk more about having spares for rats! Of course, he would have had to apply for a conductor's job at an Iyanu Ipaja bus stop or scout for transport fare back to Ebonyi state, where he would either start tapping palm wine or cracking palm kernels for Abakiliki women traders.

Pato’s miraculous introduction into the music industry happened after he released his 2013 hit single titled "Alubarika", a song he described as a summary of his life and struggles.

He has since kept his stance in the industry by releasing at least one hit single a year. Of course, he has to. Life in the rat poison dungeon is undoubtedly what no one anyone would love to revisit.

  1. Portable

This one still acts, dresses, and talks like an Ojuelegba apprentice mechanic. He is the perfect definition of "You can take the boy out of the village, but you definitely cannot take the village out of the boy", and from the look of things, it might take up to 20 more years for him to come to terms with his celebrity status and act accordingly. Portable Omolalami rose to the limelight in December 2021 after the massive success of his anthem "Zazuu", which featured music legend Olamide and dance Maestro Poco Lee. He has since maintained relevance both in and out of music. When he is not releasing songs, he is either releasing insults or getting released from police custody. Definitely, if not for fame, Portable would have been exchanging blows with his favorite rival, DJ Chicken, at bus stops three times a week.


  1. Phyno

Even though Phyno Fino has entirely been cleansed from the ghetto life, he definitely cannot disguise his roots. I’m very sure that if not for fame, Ezege would be wearing those shirts a certain comedian known as MC Ezegative wears in his skits. Most definitely, he would have been one of those thieves disguising himself as "Ocho-passenger" at Abakpa, Otigba, and Eleme Junctions.


Phyno rose to prominence after he released his 2012 collabo with a favorite name on this list, Olamide, titled "Ghost Mode." However, before 2012, he had an underground song called Multiply," which featured music acts like Flavour, M.I. Abaga, Mr. Raw, and Timaya. Ghost Mode with Olamide, however, did the finishing touches, giving his career the extra boost it needed to soar all across the globe. The talented artist has since remained an Eastern favorite. Stories of his strides, struggles, and sufferings can be found in full detail in his first album titled "No Guts, No Glory" 

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